Frederic J. Wilson, M. D.

General Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Services Provided:

  • Initial Psychiatric Evaluation. This usually consists of a one hour appointment during which Dr. Wilson will discuss what is going on in the patient's life, what issues he/she is dealing with, and how a mental health professional can help. Medications, psychotherapy, or combined treatment will be discussed. Evaluation of children and/or more complex problems may necessitate additional time and/or visits.
  • Medication management and psychotherapy.  These are twenty to thirty minute appointments which allow for in-depth assessment of medication efficacy and side effects, further assessment and re-evaluation of ongoing problems, and attention given to psychological and social issues.
  • Individual and Family Therapy.  Fifty minute appointments in which elements of play therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy are used to improve patient's symptoms and function.
  • Medication management. Once a patient is known to Dr. Wilson and stable in regard to their mental health, they may choose to have their primary care physician take over the management of psychotropic medication.  Some patients may choose to continue to have their psychotropic medication managed by Dr. Wilson.  In this case, a fifteen minute medication check may be appropriate.
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